]> Private Speech Therapy services for children in Kent

Providing Speech and Language Therapy to children in Kent

Pathway Speech and Language Therapy is a Kent based practice especially for children. It is run by Independent Speech and Language Therapist Sara Crouch who has over 12 years experience in helping children aged from 2 - 16 years.

Who I can help

I work with children with a wide range of communication difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, stammering, and developmental speech and language delays and disorders.  Please see my Services page for a more detailed description of issues I can help with.

Kent based

I am a Kent based company, with my specialist private clinic based in the Medway Towns.  I welcome clients from all areas of the county.


This takes place at my clinic in Rochester, which is especially designed to deliver therapy in a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment for you and your child.
An initial assessment is usually required, with follow-up therapy sessions as discussed and agreed after your child's initial assessment.


I am open for enquiries from Monday - Friday and to provide a more flexible service I offer assessment and therapy sessions on Saturdays from 9am - 4pm.  Please contact me on 01634 731655 / 07826 725710 or simply fill out my Contact form on my Contact Us page to arrange an appointment time that suits you.


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